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Pumpkin Stencils

Ever wonder how people carve pumpkins with bizarre or interesting pattenrs? Look here for jackolantern stencils or patterns.

Click on the design for a larger free printable pattern.

Select your pumpkin stencil from the choices below. Print out the enlarged pattern and transfer your choice to your pumpkin, cut out the selected area to create your pumpkin.
Jack Skellington Pumpkin Stencil Pattern
Jack Skellington
Boo Jackolantern Pattern
Boo Pattern
Scream Mask Jackolantern Pattern
Scream Mask

Skull Crossbone Jackolantern Pattern
Skull and Crossbone
Hands Jackolantern Pattern
Scary Hands
Mouth Jackolantern Pattern

Moon Jackolantern Pattern
Pumpkin Face Pattern
Pumpkin Face
Wolverine Jackolantern Pattern
Wolverine Pumpkin
Halloween Face Pattern
Halloween Face
Scarecrow Pumpkin Pattern
Scarecrow Face
Owl Pumpkin Pattern
Owl Pumpkin

Cat Bat Jackolantern Pattern
Cat and Bat
Jackolantern Pattern

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